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Our vision: 

To be the National Podiatry Group/Network for translating evidence, experience and expertise into practice for the management of people at high risk of lower limb amputation 

Our mission: 

The APP-HRF Group recognises and supports podiatrists as key healthcare professionals in the design, monitoring and delivery of high risk foot services. The Group supports advanced practice and excellence in the provision of podiatry services for people with serious lower limb complications 

Core values: 

Expertise and leadership 

Core business:

To prevent non-traumatic lower limb amputations by: 
1. Providing networking and professional development opportunities to support open exchange of knowledge among members and collaboration with other health professionals and researchers 
2. Promoting and facilitating translation of relevant scientific and clinical advances into practice 
3. Advocating for endorsement of High Risk Foot Podiatric practice as an approved area of practice by the Podiatry Board of Australia
4. Endorsing position statements and guidelines 
5. Collaborating with other organisations and government to provide expert advice and advocate for health policies 

The Advanced Practicing Podiatrists - High Risk Foot Group is a proud Affiliate Member of the Wound Credentialing Service 

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