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Justin Bradley - Vice President

25 Aug 2020 3:39 PM | Georgina Frank (Administrator)


I was born in Perth and lived there until I was eight. I then moved to Melbourne and enjoyed riding my bike and a number of different sports including cricket and tennis growing up.

what drives you

I am quite loyal and place a large emphasis on building relationships with people both socially and within my workplace. Those people will probably comment that I am quite reflective and aim for continual improvement. But that’s getting a little deep… I also enjoy having lots of fun with my family and work colleagues and believe a healthy work/life balance is important.

top 3 podcasts?

As far as podiatry related content I really enjoy Twitter due to the quick snips of information and keeping up with different projects people are involved in. I also really value the recent research sent to me by the Read app (by QXMD). You can register your interest areas and it emails you links to recently published articles that are relevant to you.

For fun I like listening to The Inside Running Podcast and desperately hang out for the monthly addition of Shoe Geeks. 

what do you do in your free time?

I really enjoy hanging out with my wife Hazel and two girls Lilly and Lottie. Being outside and active with them is great fun. I also enjoy running and shooting for the next elusive personal best time.   

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